Bunion Treatment in Des Moines, Mason City, and Pella

A bunion is a painful bony prominence that typically appears on the surface of the big toe, and in some cases the pinky toe – also referred to as a tailor’s bunion or bunionette. The affected toe will begin to angle towards the other toes causing irritation and discomfort. At East Village Foot & Ankle Surgeons (EVFAS), our foot and ankle specialists in Des Moines, Mason City, and Pella effectively diagnose the severity and stage of your bunions, listen to your pain level, signs or symptoms, and develop a personalized treatment plan to get you back on your feet.

Signs & Symptoms of Bunions

It’s important to acknowledge any signs or symptoms of bunions on your feet as they can lead to more painful, chronic conditions. Keep in mind, while adults often experience the signs of bunions, children can as well. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the signs and symptoms below, schedule an appointment with one of our professionals today:

  • Persistent pain when walking in comfortable shoes.
  • Unusual tenderness at the base of the big toe and ball of the foot.
  • Swelling of the big toe.
  • Shifting or dislocation of the affected toe towards the other toes.
  • Bony prominence on the outer edge of the toe that causes the toe to bend.
  • Restricted and painful movement of the toe.
  • Joint stiffness or loss of toe flexibility.

How does a bunion start?

Bunions most often form when the foot is repetitively squeezed, typically due to tight footwear, causing the big toe to press against the other toes. Over time the bunion prominence continues to grow in size and becomes symptomatic. Constant pressure and rubbing on the affected joint can cause extreme pain. Additionally, genetic predisposition and biomechanical imbalance are two major factors of bunions. There are many others that can accelerate a bunion’s development such as standing for long periods of time or wearing restricting shoes.

Bunion Treatment Options

Luckily, there are a few bunion treatment options to consider for your condition. The most effective option for many patients is surgery, although there are also non-surgical treatment options that can reduce discomfort and inflammation in less severe cases.

Bunion Treatment Without Surgery

Bunions will not go away on their own. Untreated bunions can become painful and lead to other conditions such as arthritis, spurs, hammertoes and more. If you’re looking for bunion pain treatment options without surgical intervention, some options include:

  • Medications to relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Wearing wider shoewear and avoiding high-heeled shoes.
  • Icing the affected toe or toes.
  • In some cases, Cortisone injections to relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Bunion pads/cushions/splints to alleviate pain.
  • Using orthotics to restore normal foot type.

Before deciding on a non-surgical bunion treatment option, always discuss your condition with a trained podiatrist first. The foot doctors at EVFAS will meet with you to evaluate your unique situation to ensure you’re taking steps toward a pain-free future.

Bunion Surgery

The EVFAS podiatrists perform a surgical procedure called a bunionectomy to effectively remove bunions and realign the toe. Surgery is often recommended when non-surgical treatments fail to treat the symptoms, and you are unable to prevent the bunions from getting worse. Our doctors perform bunion surgery which is an outpatient procedure under minimal anesthesia and a nerve block.

Bunion surgery involves realigning the moved joint and correcting the bones which make up the foot and the toe that were affected from the bunion. Treatment will begin with a diagnosis by taking a medical history, performing a physical exam, and obtaining a x-ray to determine soft tissue and bone damage. The procedure and hardware used is based on evidence based medicine, and addresses the bunion in all three planes (sagittal, transverse, and coronal) of direction.

Minimally invasive procedures are also an option for some bunion corrections. This procedure allows for a cut to be made through a tiny incision reducing the amount of soft tissues that are affected by surgery, as well as the recovery time, swelling and overall pain.  

The Best and Most Experienced Doctors for Bunion Treatment are Found at EVFAS

At EVFAS, we thoroughly evaluate each and every patient's condition because we know each case is unique. If you’re experiencing pain from a bunion or hammertoe, or searching for bunion treatment near you, begin with an evaluation at one of our foot clinics in Des Moines, Mason City, and Pella. We’ll work with you to determine a personalized treatment plan to get you back on your feet! Schedule an appointment today.