Corns, Calluses & Warts in Des Moines, IA


Most corns result from pressure when the skin is squeezed between the bones and shoes. Corns can appear over almost any bone of the foot but most commonly over misshapen hammertoes. Here the hammertoe causes continued pressure which results in skin irritation and corn formation. Sometimes you will need surgery to relieve the underlying pressure, but a toe pad from a drugstore can treat a mild problem. Also, as with bunions, wearing an accommodative shoe will often be all you need. If the problem persists, your physician can decide if you need surgery.

Small muscles in the foot help to stabilize the big toe. When those muscles are weakened by disease, an imbalance occurs that leads to clawing. The clawing results in abnormal pressure to the ball of the foot and can result in the formation of an ulcer. In addition, clawing may lead to pressure on top of the toe from shoewear. Clawing is associated with a variety of underlying disorders, including Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, diabetic neuropathy, head injury, polio and stroke.
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Warts are the skin's reaction to chronic viral infection. These raised and painful sores, often on the sole of the foot, will sometimes respond to pads and over-the-counter ointment but often need medical attention. Not all painful sores are warts. Reaction to injury, hidden slivers, and old puncture wounds can also result in painful sores. Dark brown or black warts can indicate a type of skin cancer and should be immediately examined by your physician.