How to Prepare for Foot and/or Ankle Surgery

Surgery is usually reserved as a final treatment option once conservative treatments have been exhausted. Proper planning is essential to ensuring a good outcome. If you're about to undergo foot or ankle surgery, here's how to get ready for the procedure.

Speak With Your Doctor Regarding Surgical Plan

At East Village Foot and Ankle Surgeons, our goal is that you will be as informed as possible prior to your surgery. In the weeks leading up to your surgical date, your doctor will see you and perform an extensive pre-surgical consultation. During this time, details of the surgical plan, pre- and post-operative instructions, recovery timeline, and medications will be discussed. Additionally, you will be provided with detailed written instructions. Don't hesitate to ask any and all questions during this important consultation appointment.

Prepare Your Home for Post-Surgery Recovery

Second, turn your attention from yourself to your home. You'll likely have limited mobility after your surgery, but you can mitigate any inconvenience this causes by strategically readying your house beforehand. Your surgeon will want you to rest following the procedure, so please consider the following:

  • Run your regular errands before the procedure to minimize the need for errands after your procedure.
  • Prepare or purchase meals that can be warmed easily to reduce how much you're up and about in the kitchen.
  • Set up a comfortable recliner or couch to rest on so you can keep your foot/ankle elevated after surgery.
  • Make sure you have access to quiet activities including reading material, a computer, and/or a television to help pass the time afterward.
  • Arrange your calendar so you don't have any appointments immediately following your procedure.

If you're having a major surgical procedure done, you might even want to move your sleeping arrangements to the main floor of your home if they aren't already there. That way, you won't have to worry about how to navigate going up and down stairs.

Arrange a Ride Home from the Hospital or Clinic

Third, make sure you have transportation home from the hospital or clinic where your procedure will be done. Patients are not allowed to drive themselves home after even a minor surgical procedure, and you also can't take a cab or rideshare as they won't be able to assist you in getting into your home.

The most preferable way to get home after a surgical procedure is usually to have a family member or friend drive you. This is also advantageous as whoever takes you home can also spend some time to make sure you're feeling alright and have everything you need once you're in your home.

If a ride from someone else isn't available, you can likely find a way home with a medical transport company. If needed, ask us to help you find a company to hire.

If you have a foot or ankle injury that might require surgery, contact our foot and ankle clinic for a consultation.