East Village Foot & Ankle Surgeons’ Industry-Leading Bunion Correction Surgery

The physicians at East Village Foot & Ankle Surgeons have experience with many different bunion correction hardware options and types of bunion removal surgeries, but a favorite among the physicians is the InCore Lapidus System by Zimmer Biomet

Benefits of the InCore Lapidus System for Bunion Correction and Removal

The InCore Lapidus System is a fantastic bunion treatment option for all types of patients including athletes. The InCore Lapidus System is a three-part construct intended for internal fixation for the big toe. Since this system is internal to the bone, it minimizes the need for hardware removal due to discomfort. Previous plating construct hardware options have a 17% removal rate after surgery due to pain and irritation reported by the patient. 

This method uses a tri-planar technique where your surgeon can correct the bunion with angular and rotational correction (three-dimensional bunion correction). Resulting in not only a surgical outcome that relieves pain, but one that also looks great. 

“My favorite reason for using the InCore System is because my patients are extremely happy with the result and the longevity of the correction. Dealing with a painful bunion is a thing of the past. Foot surgery has come so far in the last several years and I’m thrilled to be using the most modern option for bunion correction. If a patient has exhausted all conservative treatment for their bunion, it is time to talk about surgical intervention. At East Village Foot & Ankle Surgeons, we are happy to discuss those options.”

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